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Secure the history and life of your valuables.

Archeota is a safe digital platform for your physical and digital assets. We give you all you need to claim, organize, track, document, showcase, and transfer the value of your treasured possessions.

What is Archeota?

Archeota started with a clear mission:

To offer asset owners and luxury brands a clear and simple way to preserve, enhance, and safeguard their valued physical possessions for generations to come.

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A person taking a picture of their priceless heirloom

Step 1

Use our app to digitize your coveted asset. It's easy, private and secure. Memorialize the details of its history that add context and value.

Step 2

Once digitized within Archeota, we bring to you information related to the asset. Current market value, historical trends, news, analysis, and more!  We also provide verification and authentication services directly from the creators.

Step 3

As you own, maintain, or improve the asset, all of these additional artifacts can be easily digitized too, helping to increase the value and ongoing legacy.

Asset Preservation for Creators, Investors, Collectors and Knowledge Experts

Collect certificates of authenticity, appraisal reports, and all of the provenance surrounding your asset. Through digitization, knowledge about your possession is automatically pushed to you safely and securely. Get trends and analysis to stay current on market conditions. Benefit from connecting with asset creators and expert advisors. Document and leave a compelling legacy for the generations who will provide future stewardship.