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The history and life of your valuables, tokenized.™

A secure digital platform for your physical and digital assets. We give you all you need to own, organize, track, showcase, trade, transfer and unlock the value of your treasured possessions. 

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Unlock assets' value

Transfer real life assets with all its attachments to prove its value through time.

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No-code smart contracts

Deploy collections for every asset (e.g. sneakers, antiques, cards, you name it).

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​Organize big collections

Create bundles of NFTs, no matter if they are in different chains, contracts or wallets.

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​Seal of Authenticity

Prove the true value of your assets by certifying them through blockchain.

How it works

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Create a new contract

Give it a name, symbol and description. Ready to mint!

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Mint your NFTs

Upload your media, give it a name and some attributes

Step 3.png
Showcase your assets

Visualize, organize and show all your NFTs in the viewer

For Creators & Businesses

Showcase your creations through our marketplace

Create original works, mint your deeds, certificates of authenticity, receipts, and shipments to your buyers through NFTs.

For example...
For Creators 1.png

Let's say you're creating designs that could be used by major shoe manufacturers for their latest launch.

For Investors & Collectors

Organize, track, and showcase your collections

And when the time comes…sell your assets along with the underlying artifacts that create the trust and provenance to unlock your assets’ value.

For example...
For Creators 1.png

Say you are a collector of rare sneakers. You mint a NFT deed to your coveted pair using Archeota’s tools.

Unlock asset value for anything you own: watches, trading cards, jewelry, autographs, art, designs, rarities, sports memorabilia, boat, vehicles, homes, etc. 

Released features

Watch how the project has evolved through time

#1 NFT minter

27 dec 2022

#2 Viewer screen

4 jan 2023

#3 Contract deployer

11 jan 2023

#4 Viewer working

17 jan 2023

#5 NFT Details page

24 jan 2023

About Us

Archeota, the Latin word meaning keeper of the archives, is the technology that allows you to create digital ownership of your physical and digital assets of value. 


Archeota keeps your collection organized, easily accessible, and illuminates the history so when you want to unlock that asset’s value the due diligence is straightforward and the confidence in you as the seller is known.

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To help creators, collectors, and investors realize the value of their creations and/or ownership through easy-to-use tools to mint, maintain, and transfer their most treasured possessions.


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